Practice Perfection.

Improve patient outcomes by rehearsing surgeries on realistic, 3D-printed models.

Gloved hands hold surgical instruments over sectioned off square of skin.

We're transforming preoperative care.

Each patient is unique, we strive to establish personalized medicine solutions for patients and physicians alike. Our Pre-Sure® (PRE-operative SUrgical REhearsal) models are made with soft silicones and hydrogels that mimic human tissue making them ideal for practicing incisions and sutures. They allow you to practice on a 3D printed, patient-specific replica before operating. Personalized patient care improves patient experience, maximizes safety and drives better outcomes.

Order a Pre-Sure Model

3D Made Easy.

Using 3D printing we can take your patient's scans and rapidly validate, manufacture and deliver a high quality model of their anatomy in a matter of days. We offer a full turn-key solution: physician only needs to provide the DICOM image and Lazarus 3D takes care of the rest!


Upload your patient's scan

Upload your patient's CT or MRI scan to our secure server here.


See your model

Within 24-48 hours Lazarus 3D will deliver a virtual "Digital Twin®".


Hold the replica in your hands

Within one week, Lazarus 3D will send you a physical model.


Rehearse your procedure

Practice incisions, sutures and more on the model itself.


Improve patient outcomes

Aim for possible time gain, or better margins

Plan for unique challenges

Print all complex anatomic cases

Rehearse without patient risk

Perform more than one rehearsal

Limit costs in actual surgery

Improve surgery planning


Laser focus your preoperative care.

Rehearsal on a bespoke model allows you to practice complicated procedures while also helping you anticipate unforeseen surgical challenges—all at zero risk to your patients. Empower yourself with the tools to deliver the quality of care your patients deserve.


See It For Yourself

Lazarus 3D patented technology allows to create ultra-realistic models. Watch physicians cut, suture, even cauterize the models and rehearse their procedures like never before.

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True stories from the OR.

See how our patient-specific 3D models are transforming preoperative planning.


Dr. Layron Long, Samaritan Health

  • Impact of Patient-specific surgical rehearsals on outcomes
  • Rapid Surgical Planning on the next-level
  • Improved patient education and communication tool


Dr. Richard Link, BCM

  • Allows an accurate prediction of tumor excision time
  • Valuable in predicting the feasibility of RALPN
  • Cutting edge technology that makes surgery smarter


Dr. Dipen Parekh, UHealth

  • Rehearse the surgical approach in advance
  • Pre-Sure optimized surgical plan and OR efficiency
  • Benefits for particularly challenging and complex procedures

We're inspired by innovation

Dr. Jacques Zaneveld

Founder & CEO

Dr. Jacques Zaneveld is a professional scientist and entrepreneur. Half of his early life was spent on a boat in the South Pacific, while the other half was spent in Corvallis, Oregon. Traveling the world instilled him with a sense of wonder and curiosity that fuels his work to this day.

Trained as a scientist, Dr. Jacques Zaneveld has published numerous scientific papers, and obtained funding for his work from the National Eye Institute, National Library of Medicine, the CIBR center, and the National Science Foundation. Originally, 3D printing was a hobby, but he quickly realized its potential to revolutionize medicine and science.

Jacques founded Lazarus 3D to help scientists and clinicians by providing them with 3D printing tools and techniques.

Dr. Smriti Zaneveld, PH.D.

President and Founder

Dr. Smriti Zaneveld joined Lazarus 3D in 2018 and serves as President. Prior to joining Lazarus 3D, Dr. Smriti Zaneveld completed her Ph.D. at Baylor College of Medicine where her research focused on identifying the genetic causes of inherited eye diseases, and developed novel therapeutic treatments for ocular disorders.

She has a proven track record as a successful scientist with over a dozen scientific publications in the areas of human genetics and 3D printing, and adds valuable depth to Lazarus 3D's team. She has also mentored numerous trainees, presented at many international scientific/medical conferences, and has served as a reviewer for scientific peer-reviewed journals.

Smriti is very passionate about the development of innovative technologies in medicine using 3D printing that can improve patient care and surgery outcomes.

Sebastien Cadet

VP of Marketing

Sebastien Cadet spent the first decade managing a broad portfolio of endoscopic and general surgery products, across the globe, developing unique skills and expertise in both clinical and technical aspects of the medical device business. He spent the last decade in various director positions for start-ups, mid-size, and very large Med-tech corporations, focusing on marketing novel procedures and innovative technologies associated with new clinical approaches.

Through the design and execution of global marketing plans with physician training and adoption as key performance indicators, Sebastien has built a proven track record of double-digit growth for novel medical device sales after implementing appropriate support infrastructure and training programs.

Sebastien is a leader always favoring teamwork and talent development.

Mouna Taroua

Head of Biomedical Engineering

Mouna Taroua graduated from the University of Dallas at Texas, where she completed her studies in Biomedical Engineering. Through various collaborations at UTD on design and development of medical device projects, Mouna discovered her passion for medical innovation.

Mouna’s experiences at the Ultrasound Imaging and Therapy Laboratory and Baylor Institute of Metabolic Disease furthered her knowledge of cancer biology and patient care. In her free time, using her knowledge in Biomedical Engineering and Human Anatomy, she designs sketches of life-size human organs and systems to deeply learn the proportion and placement of each anatomy and uses 3D modeling tools to design accurate human anatomy models.

She joined the Lazarus 3D team in 2019 as an Anatomy Engineer and is focused on developing a pipeline for management of large scale manufacturing of high-fidelity medical models.

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